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Knut Anders Sørum

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Knut Anders Sørum is Norway’s answer to soul music. He is
known for his amazing voice, friendly vibe, and those catchy songs
with a bit of a mysterious twist - he sings it in his own Toten dialect!
With a seasoned career trajectory spanning various rock bands,
representation of Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2004,
and participation as a vocalist on the televised program "Dancing with the stars" on TV2. Sørum's acclaim reached its pinnacle upon his victory
in NRK's "Stjernekamp" in 2016, particularly with his rendition of
Puccini's "Nessum Dorma" which garnered widespread attention.


And his music? Well, it's been described as if Prøysen (a Norwegian
cultural icon) met John Legend. Both are big influences, and you
can hear it in his albums if you give them a listen.


In 2010, he released 'Prøysen,' which got some serious props from the critics. VG said it was a thoughtful album where he didn't try to outshine the songs he covered.

Then in 2013, he mixed American soul with Toten dialect in 'Ting flyt. In 2016, 'Audiens 1:1' came out after teaming up with Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Erik Hillestad, and Kirkelig Kulturverksted. He even released a live album from the tour that same year.

Two years later, 'Dom vonde orda' hit the shelves, and in 2021, he finally gave us the Christmas album we'd been waiting for, packed with new holiday tunes he penned himself.

His concerts? Well, they're something else. Whether it's just him at the piano, or with a trio, or a full-blown band, it's always a vibe. You'll leave feeling like you just had the most exclusive, soulful experience that lingers in memory long after the final note has faded.

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