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Olga Konkova


Olga Konkova (born August 25, 1969) is a classical pianist who received her education – at the age of 18 - at the Russian Academy of Music. Later she evolved into a jazz composer following her studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. She relocated to Norway in 1994 and immediately garnered attention as a brilliant musician with a crystal-clear piano style and impeccable technique. She is capable of diving into breathtaking passages and seamlessly transitioning into beautiful, tranquil, musical landscapes.

While most other jazz musicians typically don't begin improvising until after they have played the melody/theme, Konkova starts improvising as soon as her fingers touch the keys. As a result, she can make even the most well-known standard songs sound fresh.

Evidence of her undeniable versatility includes her participation in recordings, concerts, and tours with Norwegian musicians such as Marius Neset, Jonas Fjeld, and Øystein Sunde. Internationally, she can boast collaborations with luminaries like Dave Holland, Django Bates, and Steve Swallow in the "Focus Year" project in 2017 in Basel, Switzerland.

Since settling in this country, Konkova has given us a string of critically acclaimed albums. In 1996, she made her debut as a leader with the trio album "Going with the Flow." This was followed by several well-received releases, including "Her Point of View" and "Some Things from Home."

In 2006, the duet album "Unbound" was released, and three years later, she released "Improvisational Four" with solo piano inspired by Joni Mitchell's songs. In 2011, she embarked on the extensive solo project "Return Journey," followed by the lyrical "My Voice: Music for Piano, Vocal & Percussion," and the trio release "The Goldilocks Zone" in 2015.

In 2017, she began collaborating with guitarist Jens Thoresen, starting with the atmospheric Christmas song album "December Songs" and then "Old Songs." Her latest release on Losen Records is "Open Secret" in 2021, featuring Gary Husband on drums and Per Mathisen on bass.

Olga Konkova is unquestionably one of the country's finest jazz pianists, with "an authority that at times reaches Keith Jarrett-like levels" (Terje Mosnes, Jazz in Norway).

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