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Det Norske Damekor


Norway's First Fully Professional Women's Choir


The Norwegian Women's Choir was established in the autumn of 2019, with Nina T. Karlsen as the artistic director and conductor. The ensemble, consisting of 11 singers, is primarily dedicated to commissioning and performing music specifically written for their lineup, but they can also perform well-known works. The choir's first tour was warmly received, and in the years to come, the Norwegian Women's Choir aims to establish itself as a natural presence in the Norwegian music scene, specializing in newly written music exclusively for female singers. 


The Norwegian Women's Choir comprises experienced singers, all with backgrounds as soloists spanning a wide range of genres. Among the members are ensemble singers from esteemed groups such as the Norwegian Soloists' Choir, Vocal Art, Kilden Vocal Ensemble, Trondheim Vocal Ensemble, and Early Voices.


The goal is to fill a gap in the Norwegian choral landscape—a professional women's choir with the highest artistic ambitions. If you would like to have this remarkable group at your festival, cultural venue, or smaller events, please get in touch, and we can discuss the terms and conditions.




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