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Frode Kjekstad

Frode Kjekstad.jpg

Frode Kjekstad is a Norwegian guitarist known for his collaborations and recordings with a wide range of exceptional American jazz musicians. He has performed concerts with them at renowned clubs in both London and New York. Frode Kjekstad has released four albums under his own name, with his latest album "In Essence" being released in 2019. For this album, he collaborated with childhood friend and bassist Frode Berg, and drummer Magnus Sefaniassen.

With an extroverted and virtuosic style, Frode Kjekstad appeals to a broader audience, always delivering strong melodies, deep grooves, and a clear love for this genre of music. The internationally acclaimed guitarist offers joyful energy that brings delight to any music lover, regardless of their musical preferences..

Feel free to get in touch to plan a concert for your festival, cultural venue, or smaller gatherings. It could be suitable for projects with a guitar, organ, and drums trio concept, as well as solo performances, duos, and various combinations with one or more vocalists.

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