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Karl Espegard

Karl Espegard ©Per Ole Hagen.jpg

Karl Espegard is a violinist from Drammen. He has worked on numerous productions at Det Norske Teatret and Nationaltheatret, collaborating with artists such as Herborg Kråkevik, Mathias Eick, and Tora Augestad.

Karl is the driving force behind the critically acclaimed tango ensemble El Muro Tango, whose debut album was praised by Songlines Magazine for its "exceptional craftsmanship." With El Muro Tango, Karl has performed over 100 concerts in Europe and Argentina. His virtuosic style, warm tone, and deep knowledge of Argentine tango have led him to work with some of the genre's biggest names and perform in prestigious concert halls such as The Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Moscow International House of Music, Munich Philharmonic Hall, and Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires.

Karl Espegard & Åsbjørg Ryeng

In what can be described as a new wave of young Norwegian tango musicians, violinist Karl Espegard and bandoneonist Åsbjørg Ryeng are at the forefront. They co-founded the critically acclaimed band El Muro Tango in 2016 and have since traveled across Europe, collaborating with renowned Argentinian tango singers such as Omar Mollo, Juan Villarreal, and Chino Laborde. The duo captivates audiences with their virtuosic and emotional performances, taking listeners to the smoky alleys and hidden taverns of Buenos Aires.

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